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STF的核心功能可以理解为:“同步图像” + “点击”。前者使用minicap完成,后者依赖minitouch。


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Simo Kinnunen on 7/11/2019, 2:44:32 AM


手机自动被升级到了Android 10,手动同步了minicap,但发现minitouch已经不被支持了——

For Android 10 and up

minitouch about Android 10

Minitouch can’t handle Android 10 by default, due to a new security policy. The workaround is to forward touch commands to STFService. If you are using minicap standalone (without STF), you need to take care of running the service and agent, before running minicap. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

 minitouch says: "Unable to open device /dev/input/event0 for inspectionopen: Permission denied"


Minitouch cannot support Android 10 due to a new security policy. To overcome that a fallback has been added to forward touch events to STFService.apk. Latest changes in STFService.apk aim at managing those events at the framework level. Right now if you are using minitouch (outside of openstf scope), you simply have to:


合并代码之后,可以正常镜像远程控制(图像同步,点击操作),但stf local场景下的用户登录有点问题(使用ldap登录似乎又是正常的),关键是屏幕截图却不行了。一直报错connect ECONNREFUSED

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

npm config set proxy null


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