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比如需要增加一个task(任务管理的界面),则新建一个task文件件,里面创建几个文件: index.js task-controller.js task.pug等 修改app目录下的app.js,增加require(‘./task’).name

增加task的service到目录stf/res/app/components/stf/下增加目录task文件夹,并创建index.js与taskservice.js,用于通讯。 一般都是使用get,post请求,而stf使用的是oboe模块来接收发送的。

In our case we load a Vue app as one route within our AngularJS 1.7 app. AngularJS wasn’t seeing the DOM loaded by our Vue components, because those rendered too late, hence AngularJS directives used within Vue component templates were ignored. One solution was to tell AngularJS to compile the new part of the DOM after the component is mounted:

mounted() {


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