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  • tag-01-angular-app 第一阶段:纯angular方式

$ctrl 含义

$ctrl is the view model object in your controller. This $ctrl is a name you choose (vm is another most common name), if you check your code you can see the definition as $ctrl = this;, so basically its the this keyword of the controller function. So now if you are using $ctrl.latestMeasurement = 'someValue', then its like you are adding a property latestMeasurement to controller function.

angular.min.js中可以看到 b.controllerAs||"$ctrl",也说明上面的定义。


alias: {
      '@': resolve('src'),
      'pages': path.join(__dirname, './src/pages')
# 在index.js中,就可以这么写:import page2 from 'pages/page2',缩短

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