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Mac环境部署告一段落,同事多次建议为什么不用yarn。STF本身也包含了yarn.lock文件。简单学习一下yarn 的相关内容。

Yarn is a package manager for your code. Code is shared through something called a package (sometimes referred to as a module). A package contains all the code being shared as well as a package.json file which describes the package.

  • 不建议使用brew install yarn brew会自动安装最新的node依赖(目前为node12版本),但其实我们只需要yarn而已。

  • 使用shell脚本安装 curl -o- -L | bash


Normal dependencies are usually installed from the npm registry.


yarn --version

# 根据package.json文件进行全量安装
yarn install
  • Adding a dependency
yarn add [package]
yarn add [package]@[version]
yarn add [package]@[tag]
  • Add to devDependencies, peerDependencies, and optionalDependencies respectively:
yarn add [package] --dev
yarn add [package] --peer
yarn add [package] --optional
  • Upgrading a dependency
yarn upgrade [package]
yarn upgrade [package]@[version]
yarn upgrade [package]@[tag]
  • Remove
yarn remove [package]
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