Electron failed to install correctly, please delete node_modules/electron and try installing again 安装了多次,总是提示上面的错误。在Mac环境下是正常的。因为懒惰&恐惧的原因,一直没有正面强攻解决问题。尝试

Java Books

想通过自学成为一个有良好计算机专业素养的Java程序员要读哪些书? All In One 编程语言 理论学科 系统知识 Resources 程序员练级攻略 – 陈皓 Language 入门级 《Java 核心


听直播,才想起来看下自动化更新得内容,然后发现内容没更新成功。 需要有自己跟踪内容得自觉(或者更新成功后有个提醒) 如果更新异常也发送告警(邮件

0307: rework, day by day.

简书的Markdown编辑器很好用,还支持屏幕截图直接上传图片。不好的地方在于不时抽风就“仅自己可见”了。 今天把上面的文章整理备份到这里了,


link on JianShu 官网过一遍,有个大概:概述、历史、getting started、API、appium desktop 先聊八卦,小伙有前途: 理念 Introduction to Appium 概述appium


link on JianShu npm、cnpm和nvm STF目前使用的是8.16版本的Node环境,需要使用多版本Node。 # 查看长期稳定版本 nvm ls-rmote --lts ... v10.17.0 (Latest LTS: Dubnium) v12.13.0 (Latest LTS:


link on JianShu 苹果开发者账号开启双重认证教程 注册Apple账户且在iOS设备上进行登录(Phone or Pad),在账户信息页面选择 “密码与安全性”,开


link on JianShu B –> A –> S 学习材料收集一下先: 1. PC端学习项目:vue-element-admin,DaXiang的前端使用的架子来自这个项目。 2. 移动


link on JianShu BASed(一)里提到—— >使用Auth0站点的指南文章01-login > >跟着指南做一遍,有点感觉了。 走遍天下都一样,代


link on JianShu man java -javaagent:jarpath[=options] Loads the specified Java programming language agent. For more information about instrumenting Java applications, see the java.lang.instrument package description in the Java API documentation at http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/lang/instrument/package-summary.html 文档说明部分介绍了基本概念 Provides services that allow Java programming language agents to instrument programs running on the JVM. 四步快速入门: 1. Implement a


link on JianShu https://kafka.apache.org/quickstart Java8 + Windows环境 Zookeeper环境 启动Server时,会提示java.lang.NumberFormatException


link on JianShu 假装天天接触大数据的样子= =| Basic的意思就是:了解这个东西是做什么的?如何配置安装?简单实用方法是怎样的? 有了这个概念,就可以上手


link to JianShu 工作原理 中文官方文档:入门 中文官方文档mybatis-spring:入门 最后实际用的应该是 mybatis-spring-boot-starter example for spring-boot-starter Mybatis generator 上面三篇读完基本就可以动手了。 J


link on JianShu SonarQube Continuous code quality made easy. Start In Two Minute 下载 SonarQube downloads,使用Sonar qube 7.6版本,Java8支持;最新版本8.0,需要Java 11+ 解压后将bin


link on JianShu how to clean cache in yarn yarn cache clean 安装下面的 操作在Window环境下执行OK了。没想到在Mac环境上反而出了问题。 git clone https://github.com/MixinNetwork/desktop-app.git cd desktop-app yarn install yarn electron:serve 一开始是yarn i


link on JianShu 关于 FCoin 事件的失误和清白 余币宝财务及解锁时间表 使用的是定投功能,每次存的大概是一个月的额度。年前USDT低价时,收了两个月的量投入。几千


link on JianShu 官方快速入门文档 .gitlab-ci.yml文件官方示例 .gitlab-ci.yml完整说明 语法验证,可以在项目对应的目录/gitla


link on JianShu 创建ISSUE 调用API创建issue https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v2/#api-rest-api-2-issue-post 必选项:summary、description、issuetype、reporter 可选项:a


link on JianShu 官方提供的说明 Create a dedicated module in your project for generation of the report. This module should depend on all or some other modules in the project. JaCoCo itself does this in the org.jacoco.doc module (see the pom.xml). JaCoCo 0.7.7版本开始提供这个功能。使用独立的模块


link on JianShu 在github上使用github page:jekyll github pages 实际上,GitHub Pages are powered by Jekyll behind the scenes, so they’re a great way to host your Jekyll-powered website for free. 所有


link on JianShu 标准操作只需要三部: 安装gem:gem install bundler jekyll 生成站点:jekyll new my-awesome-site 启动站点:bundle exec jekyll serve bundle exec jekyll serve --drafts VS. hugo server --watch --verbose --buildDrafts 以为会简单许多


link on JianShu 看了官方文档才意识到Windows 10已经默认支持了windows subsystem for linux,直接在命令行里执行 bash就可以切换到linux环境


link on JianShu gitlab api获取触发当前pipeline任务的commit信息的人员 http://git.fxxktest.com/help/api/commits.md#get-a-single-commit Jira api调用 创建issue https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v2/#api-rest-api-2-issue-post 项目实例: https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/atlassian-connect-spring-boot/src/master/README.md Basic 验证方式: https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/basic-authentication 需要对用户名和


link on JianShu 用户文档 快速入门 安装这个说明进行编译。 下载源码之后,执行 mvn clean package assembly:assembly -Dmaven.test.skip=true 遇到的几个小问题: 1. Maven编译需要暂时去掉 <module&


link on JianShu 早上群里看到这个拉票活动:中国科学院青藏高原研究所2019年度科学进展评选投票 好奇搜了下龙门山,居然有这么多—— 四川成都市龙门山脉 四川


link on JianShu Introduction to the Build Lifecycle validate - validate the project is correct and all necessary information is available compile - compile the source code of the project test - test the compiled source code using a suitable unit testing framework. These tests should not require the code be packaged or deployed package - take the compiled code and package it in its distributable format, such as a


link on JianShu What is “pom” packaging in maven? >pom packaging is simply a specification that states the primary artifact is not a war or jar, but the pom.xml itself. 只是一直打包形式,打包为pom文件本身。加入当前目录是做完文档模块存在,


link on JianShu 根据这里的公开信息,做了一点整理工作。 在ipapi网站注册后,可以利用接口查询域名或ip的地址信息。再对数据做简单的整理之后可以得到这


link on JianShu origin source 根据源码信息,整理了目前已知是31个节点的信息。(截止到2019-12-22日) 详细信息如下—— host ip address onda.mixin-node.tako.vip 美国俄勒冈州达尔斯 noodle.mixin-node.tako.vip 美


link to JianShu Don’t laugh and weep all at once, I have an ulterior motive for learning Go and Electron. TEE-BFT-DAG network 拜占庭容错机制 1)互联网的创造 2)公钥加密算法的发明 3)点对点Bitorrent(BT)协议的发


link on JianShu Google Fi Best Choice If possible and don’ t care $20/month tariff. Others: 1. real American/United Kingdom phone number; 2. Call and Text service available in China; 3. No month fee and minimum consumption. Summary In Chinese: 3 United Kingdom + 1 United States 1. truphone.com,purchase link too expensive. truphone prepay sim >Our Services under this EULA are provided on a prepayment basis for the period the services are being used by you and up to 180 days from the last day the services are used by you.


link on JianShu ###SIM wiki SIM_card >A subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module (SIM), widely known as a SIM card, is an integrated circuit that is intended to securely store the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) number and its related key The SIM circuit is part of the function of a universal integrated circuit card (UICC) physical smart card, which is usually made of PVC with embedded contacts and semiconductors.


link on JianShu 根据这个帖子STF 集成 iOS 之 开源了 目前但效果只是能发现设备,还无法正常完成初始化。 Setup had an error TypeError: Cannot read property 'sdk' of null at Object.getDeviceInfo (/Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/lib/units/ios-device/support/deviceinfo.js:56:28) at solve (/Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/lib/units/ios-device/plugins/util/identity.js:13:33) at /Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/lib/units/ios-device/plugins/util/identity.js:18:12 at SerialSyrup.ParallelSyrup.invoke (/Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/node_modules/stf-syrup/lib/parallel.js:54:24) at /Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/node_modules/stf-syrup/lib/serial.js:43:33 at tryCatch1 (/Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/node_modules/stf-syrup/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/util.js:63:19)


link on JianShu 昨天遇到的问题 Error: Unknown security handler: accessTokenAuth是因为启动过程中有类似下面的提示—— No YAML parser loaded. Suggest adding js-yaml dependency to your package.json file. WARNING: No configurations found in configuration directory:/Users/gebitang/projects/project-remote/RemoteDevice/lib/units/api/config WARNING: To disable this


link on JianShu STF 集成 iOS之一:环境准备里完成里环境搭建。 实际上出现的错误——是属于模拟器设备的:( Setup had an error TypeError: Cannot read property 'sdk' of null at Object.getDeviceInfo (/Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/lib/units/ios-device/support/deviceinfo.js:56:28) at solve (/Users/gebitang/projects/tryout/stf/lib/units/ios-device/plugins/util/identity.js:13:33) ... 正常的真机可


link on JianShu ###容器访问 外部访问容器 启动容器docker container ls 进入容器 docker attach container_id 退出容器不关闭容器 Ctrl+q Ctrl+q adb basic adb detail How ADB works How ADB works cnblogs A client, which sends commands. The client runs on your development machine. You


link on JianShu docker cp foo.txt mycontainer:/foo.txt docker cp mycontainer:/foo.txt foo.txt For emphasis, mycontainer is a container ID, not an image ID. zeromq install require libsodium ./configure –without-libsodium above not work, see this stf on ubuntu [centos7][stf] 环境搭建 apt-get install android-tools-adb docker run -it –rm 容器在,镜像不能删除 如果有用这个镜像启动的容


link on JianShu 代码看到哪里记到哪里。可参考Stf源码解读 express 框架中的app.use是什么作用? app.use([path], function) Use the given middleware function, with optional mount path, defaulting to “/”. 中间件作用 A Promise of an asynchronous operation, and its resulting


link on JianShu github OAuth 参考示例教程,在github申请好OAuth Apps(settings-Developer settings-OAuth Apps-new),配置好对应的认证字


link on JianShu STF之Provider系列五里的前提条件是已经获取到里源码。在源码目录执行上面到脚本。 问题: - 需要有获取到源码到权限 - 公司网络使用b


link on JianShu 独立服务-未完成 目前local方式已经跑起来,如果进行分布式接入设备?官方提供都都是docker 方式 Provider role The provider role requires the following units, which must be together on a single or


link on JianShu websocket的连接问题还没有解决。 昨天出现的现象是连接设备时,图像连接到了“其他”设备上。 ——今天定位到是因为独立到provid


link on JianShu EventEmitter node.js 如何使用Promise 系列一后续,现学现卖,逻辑梳理如下—— // Wait for others to acknowledge the device var register = new Promise(function(resolve) { // Tell others we found a device push.send([ wireutil.global , wireutil.envelope(new wire.DeviceIntroductionMessage( device.id , wireutil.toDeviceStatus(device.type) , new wire.ProviderMessage( solo , options.name


link on JianShu Mac环境下支持脚本自动部署 需要Mac环境已经安装了XCode,因为环境编译时需要C++的编译器。 #!/bin/bash # base on https://gist.github.com/aamnah/a62d30340de4f7ae98ea57b219d98d14 # NOTES # `which` command will tell you a program is installed ONLY


link on JianShu 环境准备 在一台新的机器上从头搭建STF的provider环境。 需要adb服务 可以执行 stf provider服务模块 新机器上的Node环境为


link on JianShu quick start quickstart #install npm install rethinkdb # start from where it is installed. $ rethinkdb ... ... Listening for intracluster connections on port 29015 Listening for client driver connections on port 28015 Listening for administrative HTTP connections on port 8080 Listening on cluster addresses:, ::1 Listening on driver addresses:, ::1 Listening on http addresses:, ::1 To fully expose RethinkDB on the network, bind


link on JianShu STF之RethinkDB一结束了数据库rethinkdb的基本使用。 梳理一下STF项目中对于数据库到底是如何使用的。——基于目前的理


link on JianShu rethinkdb backup rethinkdb import # export rethinkdb dump -e stf.usageRecord -f record.tag.gz # import rethinkdb import -f usageRecord.json --table stf.usageRecord --force 使用导出功能rethinkdb dump需要安装对应的python driver。默认安装的su


link on JianShu STF之环境搭建可能的几个坑里提到过 >初始化设备时,提示类似 Setup had an error Error: Service had an error: “Error: Not found; no service started.” 官方认为有可能是杀毒软件的问题;实测需


link on JianShu Node环境 + 依赖 rethinkdb graphicsmagick zeromq protobuf yasm pkg-config rethinkdb windows/ # go to the directory that you unpacked rethinkdb.exe in rethinkdb.exe -d c:\RethinkDB\data\ graphicsmagick 正常安装完成,可执行gm命令即可。系统安装后会自动添加环境变量 c:\program files\graphicsmagick-1.3.33-q16 https://zeromq.org/download/ protobuf releases


link on JianShu Mac环境部署告一段落,同事多次建议为什么不用yarn。STF本身也包含了yarn.lock文件。简单学习一下yarn 的相关内容。 Yarn is


link on JianShu yarn的确会快得飞起。 STF之Yarn一中简单使用后,从头开始使用yarn安装STF。 进入到bower安装前端模块时,会遇到一些问题


link on JianShu STF consists of multiple independent processes communicating via ZeroMQ and Protocol Buffers. 使用ZeroMQ进行zmq socket通信,使用Protocol Buffers定义通信内容。 官方指南 ,正式权威


link to JianShu 参考: stf on ubuntu [centos7][stf] 环境搭建 一、安装npm # https://github.com/nvm-sh/nvm wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nvm-sh/nvm/v0.34.0/install.sh | bash # 主动生效 export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm" [ -s "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" # This loads nvm [ -s "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" 二、安装nrm # https://github.com/Pana/nrm npm install -g nrm #配置私


link on JianShu brew 本地安装 只使用provider服务的话,可以不安装rethinkdb(恰好这是最大的一个文件)。brew install graphicsmagick zeromq protobuf yasm pkg-conf 如果需要,可以使


link on JianShu STF使用命令行stf local方式运行。 Node.js 命令行程序开发教程,执行了 npm link后,实际上执行的就是 lib/cli/index.js 中的命令。 使用yargs模块实现


link on JianShu 假如还有一个Java应用也需要连接、管理设备,是否可以和STF共享? 在重温了官方说明以及google之后,以下方案应该是可行的: 1. PC


link on JianShu 遇到实际的apk包打包问题导致在低版本上不兼容,导致安装失败。 这种情况下STF是给不出来错误提示的。 看后台log,报错信息类似—— 2019-08-27T12:36:04.694Z INF/storage:temp


link on JianShu 跟着练手: Code + article已经很周到了。 tag-01-angular-app 第一阶段:纯angular方式 $ctrl 含义 >\$ctrl is the view model object in your controller. This \$ctrl is a name you choose (vm is another most common name), if you check your code


link on JianShu Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::8080 at Server.setupListenHandle 这是端口被占用导致的,更换端口即可 fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/AdiDahan/ng-context-menu.git/': Could not resolve proxy: localhost 或者 proxy had an error Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND localhost 本地的hosts文件导致的无法解析localho


link on JianShu STF部署在内网环境上,办公网络访问时时快时慢。需要定位一下到底是什么原因。 使用ping周期性访问服务器地址,记录显示的确网络不稳定—


link on JianShu 这是个体力活。 先要把设备信息先记录下来,类似这样都信息需要先手动录入—— 打开USB调试 USB调试打开都开关并没有统一到“点击7次内核版


link on JianShu 菜鸟教程 官方 tour 创始人说for java programmer Linux中的特殊符号及含义 使用pkg打包node应用 ➜ trynode npm install -g pkg /Users/gebitang/.nvm/versions/node/v8.12.0/bin/pkg -> /Users/gebitang/.nvm/versions/node/v8.12.0/lib/node_modules/pkg/lib-es5/bin.js + pkg@4.4.0 added 242 packages from 222 contributors in 93.107s getting-started cn getting started en


link to JianShu https://tecadmin.net/setup-selenium-chromedriver-on-ubuntu/ https://stackoverflow.com/a/34343755/1087122 Selenium is only a library, and as such it does not particularly care if you are running it on a system that is equipped with a GUI. What you are probably asking is: If I use Selenium to open a browser, is that browser going to work on a system with no GUI. The answer to this is: it depends! There are headless browsers: browsers


link on JianShu 数据库定义,但 不建议直接查询DB,使用Sonar提供的Web_Api,默认在SonarQube服务的/web_api下可以查看到提供的


link on JianShu 每个项目主页: http://example.sonar.com/dashboard?id=growth_client:restful-api-seller 主页的核心数据来源: http://example.sonar.com/api/measures/component?additionalFields=metrics,periods&component=projectGroup1:projectNameExample&metricKeys=alert_status,quality_gate_details,bugs,new_bugs,reliability_rating,new_reliability_rating,vulnerabilities,new_vulnerabilities,security_rating,new_security_rating,code_smells,new_code_smells,sqale_rating,new_maintainability_rating,sqale_index,new_technical_debt,coverage,new_coverage,new_lines_to_cover,tests,duplicated_lines_density,new_duplicated_lines_density,duplicated_blocks,ncloc,ncloc_language_distribution,projects,new_lines 最近一次current扫描时间信息: http://example.sonar.com/api/ce/component?component=projectGroup1:projectNameExample { "queue":[ ], "current":{ "id":"AW7LG4x5rEHtiKcxk1nN", "type":"REPORT", "componentId":"AWvpaqUHahV-mFVL-A1-", "componentKey":"projectGroup1:projectNameExample", "componentName":"projectGroup1:projectNameExample", "componentQualifier":"TRK", "analysisId":"AW7LG5GFQzwg82DVBAfm", "status":"SUCCESS", "submittedAt":"2019-12-03T17:33:30+0800", "submitterLogin":"admin", "startedAt":"2019-12-03T17:33:31+0800", "executedAt":"2019-12-03T17:33:33+0800", "executionTimeMs":1694, "logs":false, "hasScannerContext":true, "organization":"default-organization", "warningCount":1, "warnings":[ ] } } 查询me


link on JianShu 基本上开箱即用。 安装 手动下载: 不同版本 下载到本地,然后从Idea的settings->Plugins->settings install


link on JianShu 跟踪了一天的问题,记录一下。 问题一: 目前最大的问题为获取Sonar数据时一直处于超时状态。 第一步,怀疑在超时时间内一直请求,相当于对s


link on JianShu 8.0版本需要Java 11,java8环境启动时就会提示。可以下载7.6版本 ###架构 Sonarqube Architecture One SonarQube Server starting 3 main processes: Web Server for developers, managers to browse quality snapshots and configure the SonarQube instance Search


link on JianShu 查询字段的时间戳格式: >Hi, the correct format is yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ssZ, so in your example createdAfter=2017-10-19T13:00:00+0200 is correct, but you need to url-encode the + character to %2b : createdAfter=2017-10-19T13:00:00%2b0200 Issue包括:Bug、Vulnerability、Code_


link on JianShu 配置 默认配置包括以下几个方面—— - DATABASE - WEB SERVER - SSO AUTHENTICATION - LDAP CONFIGURATION - ELASTICSEARCH - UPDATE CENTER - LOGGING - OTHERS 默认配置文件sonar.properties中对每一项有详细的


link to JianShu 阿里云 目前阿里云新用户有优惠,89年一年。购买的是劵,然后用劵再正式开通服务,设置好用户名密码,默认22端口开通。可以远程访问。 阿里云


link to JianShu get programming with go https://play.golang.org/ https://golang.org/ref/spec Unit 0 Getting started lesson 1 get ready, get set, go With the Go Playground you can start using Go without installing anything. Every Go program is made up of functions contained in packages. To print text on the screen, use the fmt package provided by the standard library. Punctuation is just as important in programming languages as it is in natural languages.


支持多设备,每个设备启动一个appium的session appium -a -p 4727 -bp 4728 -U deviceid --session-override - 先安装appium库,在窗口执行appium返回appium版


link on JianShu STF之Provider系列六:brew里介绍里一些基础用法。 -s, --build-from-source: 使用源码方式 --force-bottle: 使用编译好的文件。 在 fetch、install、--C


link on JianShu 最后也没有解决掉- -|| 一开始就是怎样做的,最后还是这样做起到了作用:只是 export https_proxy= http_proxy= all_proxy=socks5:// git config --global is stored in ~/.gitconfig local config settings is in ./.git/config. To remove a configuration, e.g. run git config --global --unset core.gitproxy. Configure Git to use


link on JianShu gitlab 更新project的配置: https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/api/projects.html#edit-project 更新项目的设置 PUT /projects/:id 获取项目的设置: GET /projects/:id JIRA 获取查询语句 https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/How-do-I-retrieve-issues-of-specific-status-with-JQL/qaq-p/540468 An easy way to get the proper encoding is to build your search in JIRA first When you have the results you want, click the


link on JianShu https://help.github.com/en/github/using-git/changing-author-info https://www.git-tower.com/learn/git/faq/change-author-name-email https://blog.tinned-software.net/rewrite-author-of-entire-git-repository/ Rewriting the history is done with “git filter-branch” by walking through the complete history. For each commit, filters are applied after which the changes are re-committed. The different filters allow modifying different parts of the commit. The following uses “git filte


link on JianShu 美区账户似乎搞起来比较麻烦了,既然是开源项目,在自己的Mac上编译打包安装不是也可以?正好顺带学习一下iOS开发。 直接打包ios-ap


link to JianShu 先Run起来再说 10.27 拓词硬广 10.28 还是有点联系的,9月底参加的魔鬼营本月7号刚结束,效果不错,又续报了第二期(今天正式开始)。 跑步是从去年1


旧常识书单 0305 link to JianShu 两年前就收到这份书单了。一直没开始看。 来自微博@旧常识的推荐 2月4日 09:16 >这个书单是两年前列的,今天第一次改动,加了两


link on JianShu Hello there! Reach out to us right here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Is there still any promotion for Global SIM Card? get one for one free? The Welcome Wagon Hello there! Before we continue, can I get your name? call me Max The Welcome Wagon Can I also get your email address? In case we get disconnected, we can always get back to you.


link on JianShu 微博@硅谷王川 Sebastian Marshall: “哲学决定了为什么 why, 战略决定了如何做 how, 战术决定了做什么 what, 但是运营不只是关于何时何地何人,运营是所有这些东


link on JianShu 华杉:营销的两种价值观 >营销的两种价值观: 一是利用信息不对称,消费者不需要真相,也不懂得产品科学,我只需要占领他的心智,蒙住他的


link on JianShu 手机刷TWRP Recovery https://twrp.me/oneplus/oneplusone.html PS E:\download\tuga9.0> adb push .\twrp.img /sdcard/ .\twrp.img: 1 file pushed. 5.0 MB/s (14215168 bytes in 2.704s) PS E:\download\tuga9.0> adb push .\TugaPowerFirmwareCM13_v4.zip /sdcard/ .\TugaPowerFirmwareCM13_v4.zip: 1 file pushed. 5.1 MB/s (32680540 bytes in 6.094s) PS E:\download\tuga9.0> adb push .\TugaPowerP12_OP1.zip /sdcard/ .\TugaPowerP12_OP1.zip: 1 file pushed. 5.7 MB/s (457928626 bytes in 76.678s) #-------------------------- adb reboot bootloader fastboot flash recovery twrp.img fastboot oem


link on JianShu 硬广——推荐码:8d50vj3e,最近墙有点高不可攀。 使用过免费的; 折腾过自建的; 购买过硬件的; 最终选择了AgentNEO。 为众人抱火


link on JianShu 家务事是非标准化产品,没有统一的衡量标准。 效用是需求满足的程度。没有形成共识的情况下,只能“以己度人”。 家务事供需双方可选择的范围固定


link on JianShu 饭否上看到这一段,感觉跟老罗的语录……有相同的触动。一并找出来,记在这里。 大概这就是文字的力量吧。推荐得到上肉唐僧 的专栏顾衡私家好书榜


link on JianShu 关于学习的合辑之如何自学 >学校教育的方式是:由浅入深,先理论再实践,多门基础课一起平面推进。这种方式的好处是学得扎实,适合批量培


link on JianShu 起因先删除了,感觉暂时是个套路。缺少最后最关键的一个证据: >转账韩红爱心基金转账的电子账单(可隐藏汇款账号)。 但方法还是值得借鉴


link on JianShu 中签率即为一手中签率,是指不同申购数量下所对应的平均每中签一手的概率。 一手中签率=总中签手数/总认购手数。 实际中签率=一手中签率*申购


link on JianShu 什么是回拨机制 港股新股发行分为公开发售(散户认购)和国际配售(机构投资者认购)。通常公开发售占所有发行股份的10%,国际配售占所有发行


link on JianShu 暗盘交易不通过交易所系统,而是通过某些大型券商自行设立的内部系统进行报价撮合。大部分港股新股中签结果公布和暗盘交易是同一天,一般为新股


link on JianShu 白表:个人 黄表:机构 Please use this form if you want the Hong Kong Offer Shares to be issued in your name 如 閣下欲以本身名義登記將獲發行的香港發售股份,請使用本表格 Please use this form if you want the Hong Kong


link on JianShu 一个感觉:调试跟黑盒一样,当没有按照预想的方式进行起来时,前端这玩意完全看不出来原因啊。 我添加STF页面时就把一个搜索框放不到正确的位


link on JianShu HTML 5.3 W3C Working Draft, 18 October 2018 HTML Living Standard — Last Updated 18 July 2019 MDN Web/HTML MDN CSS MDN CN JavaScript ECMAScript 6.0 about:blank Object.getOwnPropertyNames(window) 学习搜集整理基本的知识图谱路线图之后,今天开始——黑白棋开发之旅。 规则简述: -


link on JianShu 一场疫情,明白情义。山川风月,异域同天。 物是人非,第一次过年直接过到了2月14,一个月前报名的线上跑,出不了小区,围着停车场绕成了气球


link on JianShu 站桩第139天删除备份 2019.08.29 08:08:08 字数 262 阅读 17 站桩 60 分钟。 感冒,准确的说应该是过敏性鼻炎进入第 3 周,第 1 周在站桩 100 多天的情况下,不是很严重,已


link on JianShu STF之OAuth探索一删除备份 2019.07.09 21:56:49 字数 306 阅读 118 新工作第一项要将STF的ldap认证模式修改为SSO方式。 目前的背景是只在交接时演示了


link on JianShu 在肉唐僧的广告李佳琦月赚80万:这个时代,你再努力也拼不过这种人里把名报了。纯支持,文章都没仔细看,学了两天后今天才意识到这是个4天的


link on JianShu 解决沟通障碍 达成共识 减少歧义 产品经理的高阶能力:架构图的设计与画法–产品经理 如何画好架构图-微信 如何画出一张合格的技术架构


link on JianShu 半夜睡醒,胡思乱想。一些纷乱的思考。 应该是受前两天看得 人体内的细胞战争, 病毒vs细胞:一场持续40亿年的战争影响。 知识学习,究竟是否有


link on JianShu 正式解除隔离,晚上在老婆的怂恿下开始出去跑步。 看起来还可以参加一期约定跑。算上今天还有四天,打卡三次。 无法出小区,沿着停车场跑了几圈,


link on JianShu 英语需要持续得学,更持续得用。 起源于一次抽奖活动,然后加入了一期魔鬼营训练(持续训练100天),开营第一天还有个“仪式”——魔鬼营第一


link on JianShu 哪吒之魔童降世,看得点映场,各个年龄段来观影的都有,上座率很高。 剧情完整,笑点满意,不时能听到各个年龄段的笑声。四川方言加分很高。 特效


link on JianShu 无尖不商 古代米商卖米,一斗米装满后,一定再装一杯米,在中间堆一个尖,以示绝不让顾客吃亏,这就是“无尖不商”的典故,意思是说,如果没有这


link on JianShu 看起来有点无解啊。 现在的问题是STF服务器部署在路由器后面,有线在内网上下行的速度“据说”是100MB,无线是50MB。 使用者的场景是


link on JianShu 看看这次可以坚持多久? 2019.07.09 22:13 恭喜日更成功,今天是你日更的第1天 2019.09.30 09:56 恭喜日更成功,今天是你日更的第84天 2019.10.10 21:25 恭喜日更成功,今天是你日更的第


link on JianShu 第二天了。 昨晚开始严重起来,一直头疼得厉害。 还是一直流清鼻涕的老毛病,站桩90+天,还是没防住啊= =| 早起没去锻炼,早饭前站了20分钟。


link on JianShu 生病记二,8.24 在老婆的威逼利诱下,还是去看了中医。 “这是我看这么多家(中)医院,最高大上的一家”。大概是这个意思。的确,也应该转变


link on JianShu 生病记一这还没过多久,第二回合就又来了,而且架势看起来比第一次要凶猛不少。 周四(15号)早上突然着得凉,开始流鼻涕。这次算走了“正规”


link on JianShu 有点刹不住车的意思。 药喝到第二天似乎药好转了,但最近两天似乎有向严重的方向转变了。 早上开始出现嘴麻的现象,眼睛发涩。站桩的效果也不好,


link on JianShu 前期准备—— 单位开工作证明; 提高返程车票等信息; 提交社区 社区申请开 通行证 社区统一安排 我们去 库尔勒 工作沟通不到位低效的情况肯定存在,但疫


link on JianShu 看起来这个周末也回不去了。 到明天,解除我的居家隔离; 无法出入小区; 无法出城(焉耆在博湖的工作人员已经要求在当地住宿); 焉耆或库尔勒到乌


link on JianShu 在老婆的再三威逼利诱下,清明节参加了胥荣东老师的站桩课。之后就开始了每日站桩练习,从4月8日到7月21日(23+31+30+21=10


link on JianShu 最重要的是日日不断,即使不能每天都站很久,比如60分钟,至少也应该站二三十分钟。仪式感很重要。 科学道理还不清楚,另外,也不是什么事都得


link on JianShu 已废弃,参考–算法练习LinkedList(三): P2、P19 linked-list 2. Add Two Numbers Medium You are given two non-empty linked lists representing two non-negative integers. The digits are stored in reverse order and each of their nodes contain


link on JianShu Remove Duplicates from Sorted List 2 Medium Given a sorted linked list, delete all nodes that have duplicate numbers, leaving only distinct numbers from the original list. Example 1: Input: 1->2->3->3->4->4->5 Output: 1->2->5 Example 2: Input: 1->1->1->2->3 Output: 2->3 昨天做得有点郁闷了。‘精准原子’操作的套路还是没有掌握,


link on JianShu linked-list Medium 2. Add Two Numbers Medium You are given two non-empty linked lists representing two non-negative integers. The digits are stored in reverse order and each of their nodes contain a single digit. Add the two numbers and return it as a linked list. You may assume the two numbers do not contain any leading zero, except the number 0 itself. Example: Input: (2 -> 4


link on JianShu 92. Reverse Linked List II Reverse a linked list from position m to n. Do it in one-pass. Note: 1 ≤ m ≤ n ≤ length of list. Example: Input: 1->2->3->4->5->NULL, m = 2, n = 4 Output: 1->4->3->2->5->NULL 可以先复习一下翻转链表的实现。链表操作两个基本场景—— -


link on JianShu 已废弃,参考–算法练习LinkedList(三): P2、P19 19. Remove Nth Node From End of List Given a linked list, remove the n-th node from the end of list and return its head. Example: Given linked list: 1->2->3->4->5,


link on JianShu Rotate List Medium Given a linked list, rotate the list to the right by k places, where k is non-negative. Example 1: >Input: 1->2->3->4->5->NULL, k = 2 >Output: 4->5->1->2->3->NULL Explanation: >rotate 1 steps to the right: 5->1->2->3->4->NULL >rotate 2 steps to the right: 4->5->1->2->3->NULL Example 2: Input: 0->1->2->NULL, k = 4 Output: 2->0->1->NULL Explanation: >rotate 1 steps to the right: 2->0->1->NULL >rotate 2 steps to the right:


link on JianShu 86. Partition List Medium Given a linked list and a value x, partition it such that all nodes less than x come before nodes greater than or equal to x. You should preserve the original relative order of the nodes in each of the two partitions. Example: Input: head = 1->4->3->2->5->2, x = 3 Output: 1->2->2->4->3->5 梳理一下思路,应该很快


link on JianShu Remove Duplicates from Sorted List Easy Given a sorted linked list, delete all duplicates such that each element appear only once. Example 1: Input: 1->1->2 Output: 1->2 Example 2: Input: 1->1->2->3->3 Output: 1->2->3 直接的实现对于最后一个节点的处理不够精细,调试后完成了算法。 Runtime: 2 ms, faster


link on JianShu 138. Copy List with Random Pointer A linked list is given such that each node contains an additional random pointer which could point to any node in the list or null. Return a deep copy of the list. Java中的深拷贝:对象中的对象需要重写clone方法,将


link on JianShu 109. Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree Given a singly linked list where elements are sorted in ascending order, convert it to a height balanced BST. For this problem, a height-balanced binary tree is defined as a binary tree in which the depth of the two subtrees of every node never differ by more than 1. Example: Given the sorted linked list: [-10,-3,0,5,9], One possible answer


link on JianShu 21. Merge Two Sorted Lists Easy Merge two sorted linked lists and return it as a new list. The new list should be made by splicing together the nodes of the first two lists. Example: Input: 1->2->4, 1->3->4 Output: 1->1->2->3->4->4 这是个Easy级别的,有前两次的经验,一次做对,但执行


link on JianShu 栈stack valid parentheses Given a string containing just the characters ‘(’, ‘)’, ‘{’, ‘}’, ‘[’ and ‘]’, determine if the input string is valid. An input string is valid if: >Open brackets must be closed by the same type of brackets. Open brackets must be closed in the correct order. Note that an empty string is also considered valid. 先从最


link on JianShu 栈stack 496. Next Greater Element I Easy You are given two arrays (without duplicates) nums1 and nums2 where nums1’s elements are subset of nums2. Find all the next greater numbers for nums1's elements in the corresponding places of nums2. The Next Greater Number of a number x in nums1 is the first greater number to its


link on JianShu 栈stack 42. Trapping Rain Water Hard Given n non-negative integers representing an elevation map where the width of each bar is 1, compute how much water it is able to trap after raining. The above elevation map is represented by array [0,1,0,2,1,0,1,3,2,1,2,1]. In this case, 6 units of rain water (blue section) are being trapped. Thanks Marcos for contributing this image! Example:


link on JianShu 栈stack 71. simplify path Medium Given an absolute path for a file (Unix-style), simplify it. Or in other words, convert it to the canonical path. In a UNIX-style file system, a period . refers to the current directory. Furthermore, a double period .. moves the directory up a level. For more information, see: Absolute path vs relative path in Linux/Unix Note that


link on JianShu 栈stack 225. Implement Stack using Queues Easy 232. Implement Queue using Stacks Easy 这两道提互为实现,刚好放到一起学习。既然两种数据结构可以互相实现,可以看看有什么相似之处。 队列qu


link on JianShu 栈stack 173. Binary Search Tree Iterator Medium Implement an iterator over a binary search tree (BST). Your iterator will be initialized with the root node of a BST. Calling next() will return the next smallest number in the BST. Example: BSTIterator iterator = new BSTIterator(root); iterator.next(); // return 3 iterator.next(); // return 7 iterator.hasNext(); // return true iterator.next(); // return 9 iterator.hasNext();


link on JianShu 栈stack 155. Min Stack Easy Design a stack that supports push, pop, top, and retrieving the minimum element in constant time. push(x) – Push element x onto stack. pop() – Removes the element on top of the stack. top() – Get the top element. getMin() – Retrieve the minimum element in the stack. Example: MinStack minStack = new MinStack(); minStack.push(-2); minStack.push(0); minStack.push(-3);


link on JianShu 栈stack 1021. Remove Outermost Parentheses A valid parentheses string is either empty (“”), “(” + A + “)”, or A + B, where A and B are valid parentheses strings, and + represents string concatenation. For example, “”, “()”, “(())()”, and “(()(()))” are all valid parentheses strings. A valid parentheses string S is primitive if it is nonempty, and there does not


link on JianShu 栈stack 1047. Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In String Given a string S of lowercase letters, a duplicate removal consists of choosing two adjacent and equal letters, and removing them. We repeatedly make duplicate removals on S until we no longer can. Return the final string after all such duplicate removals have been made. It is guaranteed the answer is unique. Example 1:


link on JianShu 栈stack 144. Binary Tree Preorder Traversal Medium Given a binary tree, return the preorder traversal of its nodes’ values. Example: Input: [1,null,2,3] 1 \ 2 / 3 Output: [1,2,3] Follow up: Recursive solution is trivial, could you do it iteratively? *前序*就是根节点在最前根->左-&g


link on JianShu 栈stack 145. Binary Tree Postorder Traversal Hard Given a binary tree, return the postorder traversal of its nodes’ values. Example: Input: [1,null,2,3] 1 \ 2 / 3 Output: [3,2,1] Follow up: Recursive solution is trivial, could you do it iteratively? 后序遍历在访问完左子树向上回退到根节点的时候


栈stack 503. Next Greater Element II Medium 503. 下一个更大元素 II 中等 避免出现理解失误的问题,中英文的都贴一下先——


link on JianShu 栈stack 844. Backspace String Compare Easy Given two strings S and T, return if they are equal when both are typed into empty text editors. # means a backspace character. Example 1: >Input: S = “ab#c”, T = “ad#c” >Output: true >Explanation: Both S and T become “ac”. Note: >1 <= S.length <= 200 1 <= T.length <= 200 S and T


link on JianShu 栈stack 94. Binary Tree Inorder Traversal Medium Given a binary tree, return the inorder traversal of its nodes’ values. Example: Input: [1,null,2,3] 1 \ 2 / 3 Output: [1,3,2] Follow up: Recursive solution is trivial, could you do it iteratively? 先了解一下 preorder (前序),inorder(中序)


link on JianShu 原生Monkey: 源码参考 实现原理:Java反射获取系统接口,注入事件 http://androidxref.com/5.0.0_r2/xref/development/cmds/monkey/src/com/android/commands/monkey/Monkey.java 控制业务逻辑; http://androidxref.com/5.0.0_r2/xref/development/cmds/monkey/src/com/android/commands/monkey/MonkeyMotionEvent.java 事件注入实现 功能—— 系统自带支持;随机点击、滑


link on JianShu ReadHub上看到这样两条记录—— 搜索对照了一下原文,Sina的标题起得好,对文章进行了编译,腾讯比较忠实地翻译了原文 IBM称霸27


link on JianShu You are the owner of your career. P6资深:单点解决难题,保证项目完成 ——内部影响 P7专家:领域专家,方法论 ——部门影响,协作 P8经理:成就——具体内容 —


link on JianShu 之前折腾这个Gitlab CE,最终小破机器上跑不起来。其实只是需要个git仓库而已。 不需要这么麻烦。搭建Git服务器 by 廖雪峰自用的话足


link on JianShu 学习一下一个说英文脱口秀的中国人写的《给孩子看的西方政治学》(未完)。(微博/Twitter/Instagram:@DrHueyLi 上


link on JianShu 人常说三十多岁前后,会遇到世界观的第二次危机。之前建立起的人生观大多是被教育出来的,到这个时候已经跟现实碰撞了多次,即使没有坍塌也已经


link on JianShu 万事多用Man Top Top命令含义 What are us, sy, ni, id, wa, hi, si and st (for CPU usage)? us: user cpu time (or) % CPU time spent in user space sy: system cpu time (or) % CPU time spent in kernel space ni: user nice cpu time (or) % CPU time spent on low priority processes