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7月7,SonarQube发布8.4版本 ,历史、团队、社区 中文插件已支持 code quality质量维度: Maintainability 可维护性 Reliability 可靠性 Security 安全性 对应: Code smell 异味 Bug


Basic Authorization basic-authentication-in-postman/ 用postMan调用我们部署的sonarqube的webapi的/issues/buld_change这个接口的时候,一直提示401的

kill -TERM Spring Boot应用

有关signals kill -INT $pid sends the “interrupt” signal to the process with process ID pid. kill -9 $pid sends the “kill” signal which cannot be caught or ignored. kill -INT $pid is the same as kill -2 $pid. kill -9 $pid is the same as kill -KILL $pid 常见信号 、wiki signals ➜ ~ /bin/kill -l

docker practice

Docker — 从入门到实践, Source 这篇留在这里已经快一年了,也没啥动静。还是得**“业务”**驱动。 Sonar支持go工程覆盖率 Sonar实践问题:支持g


创建index mysql index A unique index means that two rows cannot have the same index value. Here is the syntax to create an Index on a table. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX index_name ON table_name ( column1, column2,...); omit the UNIQUE keyword from the query to create a simple index. A Simple index allows duplicate values in a table. 常用函数 mysql re

Android EventLogTags

Android logcat中event信息的含义说明。 official doc EventLog分析提到的文档 Android event日志打印原理 event.logtags logcat / event.logtags android / platform / system / core / 669ecc2f5e80ff924fa20ce7445354a7c5bcfd98 / . / logcat / event.logtags frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/am/EventLogTags.logtags