linux and shell

Mac shell support sr rz use iterm2-zmodem iterm2 trigger set up two triggers as following: Regular expression: rz waiting to receive.\*\*B0100 Action: Run Silent Coprocess Parameters: /usr/local/bin/ Instant: checked Regular expression: \*\*B00000000000000 Action: Run Silent Coprocess Parameters: /usr/local/bin/ Instant: checked # send-zmodem #!/bin/bash # Author: Matt Mastracci ( # AppleScript from # licensed under cc-wiki with attribution required # Remainder of script public domain osascript -e 'tell application "iTerm2"

Nodejs Vue

Use Dashboard to Go Deeper, Not Wider 重学前端 # 7 种基本类型 Undefined; Null; Boolean; Striing; Number; Symbol; Object # 7 种语言类型 List 和 Record: 用于描述函数传参过

IDE issues

IDEA Desktop Entry 在Application列表中展示 Tools -> Generate Desktop Entry 全屏显示 view -> enter full screen 查找类方法快捷键 默认为 Ctrl+F12,可修改: settings -> keymap -> Main Menu -> Navigate -> File Structure 所

Learn Vim Progressively


Level Up

  • 一、1st Level – Survive
  • 二、2nd Level – Feel comfortable
  • 三、3rd Level – Better. Stronger. Faster.
  • 四、4th Level – Vim Superpowers


Career Guide

与人交往: 感恩之心:家庭、父母、爱人、朋友、亲戚、同事……站在对方的角度想一想,为什么他们会这样做?我能提供什么帮助。 处理人际关系:帮助他人