Go for SonarQube Go for SonarCloud with Github Actions 示例工程 service_sonar go testing 步骤—— - go build生成可执行程序 - 执行 go test -coverprofile=bin/cov.out service-sonar 生成覆盖率文件 - 执行sonar-scanner 关键时如何生


直到我修改为这样的代码才通过—— public class DetectorImport { public String check1(Nonentity nonentity) { String s; if(nonentity == null) { s = null; }else { s = nonentity.getName(); } if(s !=null) { s = s.replaceAll("("


link on JianShu man java -javaagent:jarpath[=options] Loads the specified Java programming language agent. For more information about instrumenting Java applications, see the java.lang.instrument package description in the Java API documentation at 文档说明部分介绍了基本概念 Provides services that allow Java programming language agents to instrument programs running on the JVM. 四步快速入门: 1. Implement a


link on JianShu Java8 + Windows环境 Zookeeper环境 启动Server时,会提示java.lang.NumberFormatException


link on JianShu 假装天天接触大数据的样子= =| Basic的意思就是:了解这个东西是做什么的?如何配置安装?简单实用方法是怎样的? 有了这个概念,就可以上手


link on JianShu SonarQube Continuous code quality made easy. Start In Two Minute 下载 SonarQube downloads,使用Sonar qube 7.6版本,Java8支持;最新版本8.0,需要Java 11+ 解压后将bin


link on JianShu 创建ISSUE 调用API创建issue 必选项:summary、description、issuetype、reporter 可选项:a


link on JianShu 官方提供的说明 Create a dedicated module in your project for generation of the report. This module should depend on all or some other modules in the project. JaCoCo itself does this in the org.jacoco.doc module (see the pom.xml). JaCoCo 0.7.7版本开始提供这个功能。使用独立的模块


link on JianShu gitlab api获取触发当前pipeline任务的commit信息的人员 Jira api调用 创建issue 项目实例: Basic 验证方式: 需要对用户名和


link on JianShu 数据库定义,但 不建议直接查询DB,使用Sonar提供的Web_Api,默认在SonarQube服务的/web_api下可以查看到提供的


link on JianShu 每个项目主页: 主页的核心数据来源:,periods&component=projectGroup1:projectNameExample&metricKeys=alert_status,quality_gate_details,bugs,new_bugs,reliability_rating,new_reliability_rating,vulnerabilities,new_vulnerabilities,security_rating,new_security_rating,code_smells,new_code_smells,sqale_rating,new_maintainability_rating,sqale_index,new_technical_debt,coverage,new_coverage,new_lines_to_cover,tests,duplicated_lines_density,new_duplicated_lines_density,duplicated_blocks,ncloc,ncloc_language_distribution,projects,new_lines 最近一次current扫描时间信息: { "queue":[ ], "current":{ "id":"AW7LG4x5rEHtiKcxk1nN", "type":"REPORT", "componentId":"AWvpaqUHahV-mFVL-A1-", "componentKey":"projectGroup1:projectNameExample", "componentName":"projectGroup1:projectNameExample", "componentQualifier":"TRK", "analysisId":"AW7LG5GFQzwg82DVBAfm", "status":"SUCCESS", "submittedAt":"2019-12-03T17:33:30+0800", "submitterLogin":"admin", "startedAt":"2019-12-03T17:33:31+0800", "executedAt":"2019-12-03T17:33:33+0800", "executionTimeMs":1694, "logs":false, "hasScannerContext":true, "organization":"default-organization", "warningCount":1, "warnings":[ ] } } 查询me


link on JianShu 基本上开箱即用。 安装 手动下载: 不同版本 下载到本地,然后从Idea的settings->Plugins->settings install


link on JianShu 跟踪了一天的问题,记录一下。 问题一: 目前最大的问题为获取Sonar数据时一直处于超时状态。 第一步,怀疑在超时时间内一直请求,相当于对s


link on JianShu 8.0版本需要Java 11,java8环境启动时就会提示。可以下载7.6版本 ###架构 Sonarqube Architecture One SonarQube Server starting 3 main processes: Web Server for developers, managers to browse quality snapshots and configure the SonarQube instance Search


link on JianShu 查询字段的时间戳格式: >Hi, the correct format is yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ssZ, so in your example createdAfter=2017-10-19T13:00:00+0200 is correct, but you need to url-encode the + character to %2b : createdAfter=2017-10-19T13:00:00%2b0200 Issue包括:Bug、Vulnerability、Code_


link on JianShu 配置 默认配置包括以下几个方面—— - DATABASE - WEB SERVER - SSO AUTHENTICATION - LDAP CONFIGURATION - ELASTICSEARCH - UPDATE CENTER - LOGGING - OTHERS 默认配置文件sonar.properties中对每一项有详细的


link on JianShu gitlab 更新project的配置: 更新项目的设置 PUT /projects/:id 获取项目的设置: GET /projects/:id JIRA 获取查询语句 An easy way to get the proper encoding is to build your search in JIRA first When you have the results you want, click the


link on JianShu 万事多用Man Top Top命令含义 What are us, sy, ni, id, wa, hi, si and st (for CPU usage)? us: user cpu time (or) % CPU time spent in user space sy: system cpu time (or) % CPU time spent in kernel space ni: user nice cpu time (or) % CPU time spent on low priority processes