重新整理日常工作中Windows环境下的配置以及使用技巧。默认最前面的内容为最新的内容。 win 10 锁屏不断网 Windows 10 如何在锁屏状态下保持网络连接? 怎么


创建index mysql index A unique index means that two rows cannot have the same index value. Here is the syntax to create an Index on a table. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX index_name ON table_name ( column1, column2,...); omit the UNIQUE keyword from the query to create a simple index. A Simple index allows duplicate values in a table. 常用函数 mysql re

linux and shell

Mac shell support sz rz use iterm2-zmodem iterm2 trigger set up two triggers as following: Regular expression: rz waiting to receive.\*\*B0100 Action: Run Silent Coprocess Parameters: /usr/local/bin/ Instant: checked Regular expression: \*\*B00000000000000 Action: Run Silent Coprocess Parameters: /usr/local/bin/ Instant: checked # send-zmodem #!/bin/bash # Author: Matt Mastracci ( # AppleScript from # licensed under cc-wiki with attribution required # Remainder of script public domain osascript -e 'tell application "iTerm2"

Nodejs Vue

Jekyll Usage 图片增加title和link 参考1、参考2 处理为—— <figure class="image"> <figcaption>{{ include.description }}</figcaption> {% if %} <a href="{{ }}" target="_blank"><img src="{{ include.url }}" alt="{{ include.description }}"> </a> {% else %} <img src="{{ include.url }}" alt="{{ include.description }}"> {% endif %} </figure> 文章文件命名规

IDEA issues

IDEA 使用本地文件作为依赖的源码 Project Settings –> Libraries –> 选中对应的jar包,右侧添加Source选中本地文件夹(项目的src文件夹) 个人正版支持多个设备使用 Can

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与人交往: 感恩之心:家庭、父母、爱人、朋友、亲戚、同事……站在对方的角度想一想,为什么他们会这样做?我能提供什么帮助。 处理人际关系:帮助他人